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Webalizer OmitPage Patch

The Webalizer is an open source web server log file analysis program that is fast and simple with attractive and easy to understand output. In my opinion, it is the fastest and simplest way to get some usable traffic stats, but is not quite as flexible as other available log analysis packages.

I was using webalizer on a mod_perl web application that uses URLs that do not end in a "file extension" (e.g., ".html", ".pl", etc). I wanted to not count a couple of the URLs in the page count, but the existing PageType directive only allows configuration by extension.

To work around this, I wrote a patch (against webalizer-2.01-10) that adds a new parameter, "OmitPage", or "-O" that will not count any provided URL as a page, even if it is has no extension or an extension listed in a "PageType" parameter. Wildcard matching with "*" is allowed in OmitPage urls.

Download Webalizer OmitPage patch